California Natural Gas

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You have a Choice

Your Natural Gas service is made up of two parts - your actual gas supply, and your local utility delivery. Supply is the natural gas itself, which is obtained from a well, refined, and transported through transmission pipelines to local distribution points. Delivery, also known as distribution, is the process of delivering the gas to you through local distribution pipelines. To manage your gas costs, make the switch to YEP Energy as your new natural gas supplier and enjoy the benefits of a lower price and exceptional customer service.


What you can Expect

Here are a few things that you can expect when you choose YEP Energy as your Natural Gas Supplier.

  • No Enrollment or Sign Up Fees
  • No Interruption of your Service
  • A Quick and Easy Sign Up Process
  • Customized Invoicing Solution
  • Superior Customer Service


Switching to YEP Energy is Easy

We offer highly competitive pricing, and a full menu of energy management products and services for residential customers. Our dedicated and knowledgeable customer relation managers will work closely with you to create a pricing plan that works for you. 
It all starts with a simple savings analysis, and a customized solution built for you. Find out why thousands of customers trust their energy needs to YEP Energy.